Introducing CAP RF (patent pending) -

First Radio Frequency ID Encapsulated into a Traffic Rated Composite Manhole Cover

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CAP offers decorative manhole covers.  In addition to the entire pallet of solid colors, the CAP STONE gives that landscape polish to your parks, pave stones and high-end communities.  Sandstone, grey granite, and many others!

 Watch this Video!   Many Manhole Covers Imported to the USA are Reportedly Manufactured by This Cast Exporter.  Cheaper, But Worth It?

Composite Access Products (CAP) manufactures composite manhole covers and grease trap interceptors with high-speed, high pressure, compression molding. CAP's composite covers resist caustic corrosion from hydrogen sulfide sewer gasses, improve I/I performance, are ergonomic for safe installation and maintenance, insulate hot temperatures to avoid burning pedestrians and pets, and remove the root cause of manhole cover theft - for recycled iron content. Stolen manhole covers cost municipalities and contractors millions each year, and impose a severe liability for hazardous fall situations.  The CAP cover and frame assembly is the first compression molded, traffic-rated assembly that is Made-In-The-USA...and made in the great State of Texas.  CAP is proud that Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has just recently approved CAP composite covers for TXDOT infrastructure and right-of-way!

This eye-popping 2-minute documentary trailer ( shows critical US infrastructure produced by the largest cast exporter in the world and “a glimpse of the working lives of the men behind manhole covers...” The breathtaking health, safety, and environmental conditions at the manufacturer diminish the potentially fatal concerns of product reliability, consistency, and durability – which directly impact pedestrian safety in our US city streets. 

Composite Savings

  • Workman's Compensation Claims for Back Injuries from Lifting Heavy Sewer Lids
  • Disability Costs
  • Investment in Specialized Sewer Cap Lifting Tools
  • Overtime for Inefficient Productivity
  • Employee Morale
  • Wasted Time Fighting to Open Corroded Covers
  • Wasted Time aligning bolt holes (ours are molded-in)
  • Replacement Sewer Covers after Theft
  • Frequent Lid Replacements and Re-Installation Teams
  • Insurance Premiums For Citizen Injury Lawsuits
  • Legal Fees
  • Public Relations Shame and Embarrassment
  • Traffic Back-ups
  • Tack Welding
  • Special Locks

Corrosion Resistance

Still using iron for Sewer Lids?  Welcome to the future and enjoy the better mousetrap.  Just see the composite value....Just CAP That!

Superior Performance without the High Price

Compression molding improves the cost structure with high-volume, rapid production cycles versus the less efficient, high cost, low pressure and temperature Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and other fiberglass (FRP/GRP) casting processes.  In addition, compression molding improves quality compared to other composite processes by reducing entrapped gas, ensuring a complete thermoset polymer cure, eliminating many post process operations, and conveying higher strengths from internal , hardened-steel, mold cavity pressures during part formation.

Compression Molding - Affordable Quality


Composite Sewer Caps Cure Iron Headaches


Composite Access Products

Composite Manhole Covers, Sewer Lids, Grease Trap Interceptor Covers


CAP was founded by W. Chad Nunnery, former senior executive of a large US leader in engineered composite technology.  After learning of the desire for advanced composite sewer solutions - Made in America rather than molded overseas and stamped with an American sounding brand- CAP was formed in McAllen, Texas.  CAP is poised to serve the USA, Canada and Mexico with the first US-made ultra high pressure, compression molded utility, manhole, sewer, and drainage solutions.  

If it does not say "Made In The USA"  then it is not...

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Installation Safety 

Falling Injury & Liability Elimination 

Theft Prevention

Tired of funding foreign manufacturing with US taxpayer dollars?  Need to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act for federally funded construction projects?  Want  the  design quality, manufacturing consistency, traceability, accountability, reliability and response of USA manufacturing...

Just CAP That!

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​Do you amortize replacement covers, installation, tack welding, special locks, legal fees, and all the other costs associated with not using composites for manhole covers, sewer lids, and drains?  For the real cost comparison, assign a value and allocate over your annual cover purchases.  Pennsylvania awarded $85 million in 2008 (see "Falling Injury and Liability Elimination")  Just this one case added hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars per cover in that state.

CAP-Specific  Advantages

Municipal Specifications

Heat & Electric Insulator

Cost Savings In Addition to Affordable Price